Legal Counsel

Monika Żurańska

About Me

I graduated in Law at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The supervisor of my thesis in Civil Law was Professor Leopold Stecki.

During my legal advisor training at the the Regional Chamber of the Legal Counsels in Toruń, I had the opportunity to gain my first experience in the domain of property law, administrative law, civil and economic law, first working with a legal counsel office and next with a barrister’s office. In 2001 I was entered into the Register of Legal Counsels in Toruń, and since 2004 I have been a member of the Regional Chamber of the Legal Counsels in Warsaw.

In 2003 I started my own legal counsel practice, providing legal services to a group of companies representing the photo industry in Warsaw. I had the opportunity to gain more practical experience in company law, economic and property law and to work with a team of dynamic and effective people, which also gave me a chance to solve complex problems. This experience opened me up to new challenges, multi-layered cases and at the same time taught me how to keep focused on the issues which were of key importance for my client.

In 2008 I decided that it was time for some changes, and I started to cooperate with clients from other fields of law. Very quickly I was the one who decided on the strategy of actions and legal action in matters falling into the scope of transport law, power, construction and electrical engineering industry, property law and many others. I combined the said legal activities with legal service provision for companies and corporations.

I prove to be quite effective in multi-layered cases, where it is important to find the key elements. I have no problems with working under pressure on matters which require a swift response. A necessary element of my activity is precise preparation of court actions which result in quick court verdicts and a high above average rate of cases won.

The measure of my success as a lawyer is my client’s satisfaction, and I am happy to see that my clients gladly recommend my legal services.